Appreciations: Flowers or Shoes?

Appreciations: Flowers or Shoes?

Appreciations: Flowers or Shoes?

Imagine you immense in a flower sea. And start to appreciate some works of Michel Tcherevkoff.

  • Michel Tcherevkoff applies different flowers, leaves to combine into dreamlike and fantastic flower and plant shoes, just like a flower rhapsody. Enjoy...

# 1 Fatal Attraction

Flower Shoes-1

# 2 Talk to Flowers

Flower Shoes-2

# 3 White Wedding Shoes

Flower Shoes-3

# 4 Knot Grass

Flower Shoes-4

# 5 Dance with Green

Flower Shoes-5

# 6 Feet to be Tied

Flower Shoes-6

# 7  Floral Geta

Flower Shoes

# 8 Autumn Story

Flower Shoes-8

These photos are collected from Michel Tcherevkoff. If it has encroached upon your rights and interests, please contact us. Thanks a lot.

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